Continuing Education for Ministers

Are you currently in full-time ministry? Charis Bible College has developed a program designed to help those already involved in full-time ministry! Full-time ministry is a full-time job which rarely allows you the freedom to devote a year to study. However, our program is flexible enough that you don’t need to! We have designed a program specifically with ministers in mind. It is a combination of our 1st and 2nd year courses.

Continuing Education for Ministers Curriculum - Click Here

Please review and submit the required documentation in the packet listed below to be considered eligible for a diploma from Charis Bible College, and possible ordination through Charis Bible College/Andrew Wommack Ministries. To qualify for the Continuing Education for Ministers Program, you must submit your application before beginning course work. If you do not wish to receive a diploma or qualify for ordination, you may start the 1st year Correspondence or Online Programs at any time and receive a Certificate of Completion upon satisfactorily finishing either of these programs.

Download an Application Here